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  • Beechworth Fiberglass replacement windows are the best in terms of performance, design and value
  • Fiberglass surpasses all other materials in strength and longevity
  • Energy savings with greater efficiency than vinyl windows
  • Improved comfort with reduced noise levels
  • Custom windows for your home


  • As a BW Select Contractor, all of our window installers are certified on Beechworth installation best practices annually
  • We use drop cloths and hepa vacuums (inside and outside) to contain debris and dust on every job
  • Low expanding foam insulation is used on every window and our expert installers seal the area around the frame and replace the trim around the window
  • We conduct a 20 point checklist on our installation & clean-up process – if the job does not meet all 20 points, we are not finished!


  • Lifetime coverage on the glass components
  • Lifetime coverage on accessories: exterior trim, locks, lifts, hinges, and handles
  • Lifetime accidental glass breakage
  • Lifetime workmanship warranty
  • 15 YEARS on exterior finish in all colors


Beechworth Wood Interior

The Wood Interior by Beechworth is wood where you want it and Fiberglass where you need it.

Having a wood interior comes with a number of benefits:

  • Added beauty and character to your home

  • Stained, painted, or custom color interior

  • The ability to choose a wood interior while having the durability and performance of fiberglass on exterior

Beechworth Fiberglass Interior

Beechworth Fiberglass Interior is an all Fiberglass window. A fiberglass exterior and a fiberglass interior

Having a fiberglass interior comes with a number of benefits:

  • Slim contemporary profile allows for more daylight into your home

  • Clean look and long term durability in addition to moisture, condensation and weather resistance

  • Ability to keep interior trim


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